Liberty's Best Welcome to Liberty’s Best

Welcome to Liberty’s Best

Liberty's Best

is a local Family Farm,

providing Farm Fresh products,

 for the local community.

Serving Butler County and the surrounding communities of West Chester, Liberty Twp, Hamilton, Middletown, Oxford  & Trenton.  

Farm Fresh Eggs

Nothing tastes better than a delicious, wholesome farm fresh egg.  Our free range chickens spend most days in the sun and on the grass.  Their eggs are collected daily and ready for your family to enjoy!  Our brown and white eggs offer the same health benefits and are sold in mixed dozens.  Please call for availability and to ensure we don't miss you!

Farm Raised Pick your own Strawberries

Nothing tastes better than farm fresh strawberries!  Strawberry jam or strawberries over ice cream, or just about strawberry....anything.  Our delicious strawberries are ready late may or early June and we offer pick your own hours or by appointment until the little beauties are all gone!  When they're ready we'll post it on our website with details.  Don't wait to long though, strawberry season goes as quickly as it comes and then you have to wait another year.

Farm Raised Red Raspberry

2020 did give us a huge disappointment with our raspberries as we lost the whole crop planted in 2019!  Sometimes thats the way it goes.  We were able to get a literal handful, and while they were delicious and sweet, I was a little bitter about it.  We're excited to begin the process of replanting with anticipated picking (on a very small scale) in 2021 and hopefully lots of availaboilioty for 2022!

Farm Raised Fresh Herbs

We love herbs and their delicious addition to food.  In 2020 we raised Genovese basil, Thai basil, rosemary, thyme, and purple ruffles basil.  Our herbs are available in a pint or quart and were our longest running product with availability from early April all the way through December!

Farm Raised Hydropinic Lettuce

We've starting growing lettuce hydroponically in our 30' greenhouse in 2019 and boy is it good!  Hydroponics grows in water with nutrients added!  Our delicious butter crunch, romaine, and green leaf lettuces grow in approximately 45 days due to having all they need to thrive!  Once ready to harvest, we pull the lettuce and deliver it to you within several hours of harvest!  We're sure you'll love it as much as we do!

Fresh Cut Christmas Trees

For the last 7 years we have sold Christmas Trees at the Butler County Fairgrounds.  Our fragrant trees are delivered to us fresh from our tree farm partner in Michigan.  The beautiful Frasier Fir, Caanan Fir, Concolor Fir and Scotch Pine, and White Pine have brought many positive Christmas memories to many of our Customers.  Check out he link above for some of this years pictures!