About Us


Our Approach

Local Family

Born and raised in Liberty Township, our family is proud to call southwestern Ohio our home.

Farming Family

Having farming on both sides of our family has allowed us to grow up with a love for the land!

Faith Family

We're committed to serving our community with honesty and integrity in all we do!

Our Story

Working two full time jobs and running a farm can be exhausting.  We're working to move toward being able to farm full time and supply fresh, delicious, wholesome food for our family and yours!

Meet the Team

Brian and Dayna were married in 1999 and have 3 children.  Together we are Liberty's Best


Brian Garver


Brian loves sweet tea and Milky way candy bars (he's part elf) .  He has been a licensed insurance agent for 3 years and also works at a local garden center.  On his days off, he can be found in the barn working on something!


Dayna Garver


Dayna is an intervention specialist at a local school district.  When she is not in the classroom you can find her in the barn playing with baby goats or on the tractor helping bale hay.

Aaron & Leah  Garver
Aaron & Leah Garver