Liberty's Best Poinsettia’s


New for 2021!

Order Christmas Poinsettias now for pick up on 11/24  2pm-6pm

Enjoy a beautiful poinsettia for Thanksgiving right through Christmas!

Poinsettia's make GREAT GIFTS!

Poinsettia Sizes

4 poinsettia

4" Pot
Approximately 10"-12" tall

6 poinsettia

6" Pot
Approximately 15" tall and 25" wide

8 poinsettia

8" Pot
Approximately 23" tall and 27" wide

Color Choices

Please note the size plant available for each color below the picture.

Holly Berry Red

Holly Berry Red

4" only

Christmas Spirit Red

Christmas Spirit Red

6" and 8" pot

Alpine White

Alpine White

4", 6" and 8" pot

Christmas Beauty Princess

Christmas Beauty Princess

4" and 6" pot

Ponsettia Hints!

Poinsettia Care

Poinsettias should be protected from the cold when being transported from the tree lot to your home, a trip that should be a short as possible. For the holidays, place your poinsettia in bright, indirect light. Allow the soil to dry moderately between waterings so that the roots don't stand in water.