Pick your own strawberries

Liberty's Best is done for the 2021 Season!

Hope to see you in 2022


We have ever-bearing strawberries so while many of other June-bearing patches are done, we have less berries over a longer period of time.


We are scheduling families or groups to pick by the day, this helps ensure that there are berries to pick when you arrive.


Please note that the patches are weedy and you will need to hunt for the berries, that being said they are delicious!


Our berries are $3/lb, you need to bring your own containers, we are kid friendly, we do not have public restrooms, no pets.

If you would like to get on the list to pick, please call or text Brian at Five-Seven-Zero 540-6507 - Please note my message talks about insurance (my other day job 🙂 Also please let me know approx how much you are looking to pick (# of pints or # of lbs approx)

We will contact you a day or two before to arrange a time.


Thanks for supporting Liberty's Best!